Finding A Good Courier Service

How can you ensure that you manage to find and work with a good courier company? There are characteristics.

However, how should you make your final decision and what thought processes should your business have?

First of all, considering all other factors are the same, having a cheap courier service will definitely be good as that means that your expenses on delivery will be lowered, and increases your profit margins if you’re dealing with product delivery.

Secondly, most courier services have 2 tiers – one for ad hoc deliveries for documents and parcels, and the second will be regular deliveries for (mostly) businesses and E-commerce businesses. Because you cannot be 100% sure of a courier company’s service levels right from the start, it is highly recommended that you start off with their regular pricing for at least a few short weeks before moving on to the higher volume / cheaper courier service tier.

Third of all, find one that also caters to both fast deliveries and weekend deliveries. There may be some situations where you are required to make deliveries or require a courier during weekends or within a short span of time. In such situations, having a courier service or working with a courier company which offers fast deliveries and / or weekend deliveries will certainly help your business out a lot.

Fourthly, you should always check out the full price list of courier companies in Singapore or otherwise. This is because most companies in Singapore have outskirt charges or extra charges for places which require tighter security such as airport. In such cases, the prices for their services are usually more expensive and not the same prices as their usual price. In fact, the starting price for most local courier companies in Singapore is only for those people or businesses which require deliveries or services within the central business district region.

Characteristics of Top Courier Companies In Singapore

It is very important that you work only with the best courier companies in Singapore like or

This is very important because working with the right courier services company will help you significantly improve your productivity without ever needing to worry much (if at all) about your deliveries for your parcels or documents.

Thus, here are the main characteristics of the very best local courier companies in Singapore and you should constantly look out for delivery companies with these characteristics if you want to work with the best partners.

1) The best courier companies in Singapore understand the importance of speed and accountability. This is very important because you do not want your business partners or customers to wait too long for your deliveries. Also, you want your goods (parcels or documents) to be delivered safely and to the right hands. This is why the best courier companies in Singapore focus on them.

2) You should engage a friendly courier company. This is especially the case if you want a lot of deliveries to your customers. You do not want an unhappy looking courier delivering goods to your customers as that can spoil your brand reputation. Make sure that everyone in the courier company is focused on customer service.

3) It will be good if the courier company has some form of liability insurance or they take responsibility (at least up to a certain amount of $) for your goods in the event of a disastrous loss or damage.

4) Try to work with companies which are not necessarily the cheapest in the industry but are the most focused on responsibility. They are handling some of the most important things for your company – it can be documents or products. You definitely want the best couriers to be bringing these goods about in Singapore.

The ease of local delivery service in Singapore

The logistics landscape is very different for different countries around the world. Each got their own sets of problems and issues to tackle. These issues can range from political, infrastructure, and culture differences. Let’s take for example Singapore.

Singapore can be said to be one of the easiest country to manage a logistics business in the world. Specifically, it is very easy to manage local delivery service in Singapore. It is a developed country with top-class infrastructure. The roads in Singapore are well constructed and well-lit. Vehicles can travel safely on Singapore’s roads without fear of uneven grounds or dark places, even at night. Moreover, Singapore is a small country with well connected roads. It is easy to find places and travel from one point to another with adequate road signs in Singapore. What’s more, with the introduction of GPS, one simply cannot go missing in Singapore. These reduce the burdens of delivery drivers on their driving and navigation skills in Singapore. No much issues will be foresee on the roads, other than the low possibility of accidents.

Moreover, with stable political situation in Singapore, it is easy to do business here. The government also encourages the growth of companies by keeping a low corporate tax, and giving out out grants to spur various industries in Singapore. The logistics industry in Singapore is one industry that the government is actively helping by giving out grants to.

It is also not difficult to find reliable drivers in Singapore to carry out the courier delivery service. Most of the Singaporeans in Singapore have a driving license, and there are experienced drivers on the lookout for full-time delivery jobs. If the logistics company wishes to hire some part-timers for their local delivery service in Singapore, university students can be one of their choice.

If you compare Singapore with any of its neighboring countries such as Vietnam, Philippines, and Malaysia, you can see for yourself the huge difference in infrastructure, political, and manpower between these countries.

Things to take note when using a courier service

There are many courier companies in Singapore such as PCA Masters, and it may be difficult to choose a good courier company from the whole lot of them. Refer to my previous post “how to find a good courier services company” to help you better make that decision. As a general rule, always order small quantities of services first to test the company’s service quality first. If you are satisfied with the courier company’s service, continue to use it. If not, change to another courier company.

There are some things to take note when using a courier service to measure their service quality:

1. Check with them about the total fee payable after giving them the full details of your courier delivery needs. Make sure that there are no other hidden costs which will surprise you that you are not aware of when agreeing to use their service. As far as possible, try to ask for an invoice stating full payment required before agreeing to use their service. This is to avoid any sneaky companies billing customers with additional hidden costs after the customers agreed to use their services. These hidden costs are typically hidden in the terms and conditions sections where most customers do not bother to read through them at all. Moreover, if you can see the company is reluctant to show you the full cost breakdown, they are not a reliable and trustworthy partner to work together in the long term anyway. Look for another logistics partner instead.

2. Check the attitude of the deliveryman when he comes to collect your parcel. In the service industry, a polite and sincere attitude is essential for any front line service staff. If the deliveryman displays a lack of service standards and you do not feel comfortable with the deliveryman already, you should look for another courier company too. In front of the customers, the deliveryman can show bad service standards. It can be worse behind your backs.

3. Ensure the items are delivered according to your stated requirements such as timing. Double check the date and time of the completed deliveries when the courier company sends you the delivery notification. In addition, you should check with your recipient over a phone call, messaging, or email. A small percentage of courier companies fake the reports.

How To Find A Good Courier Services Company?

As a business which requires a lot of regular courier services in Singapore or even E-commerce or any kind of business which requires delivery / distribution, it is necessary to partner with a reliable and efficient courier company. Hence, it is absolutely necessary to find a good company for this purpose.

Here is how you can start finding a good courier such as

1) Always make sure to check with any online reviews of the courier company. This is extremely important if you can find out reviews – you clearly do not want to work with companies with many bad reviews. You need a reliable partner you can trust because they will either need to handle your important documents or deliver goods and products to your customers. Do not trust those with super high ratings because you need to test it for yourself as they might have done it themselves too.

2) Secondly, you might want to try out the courier company’s services on an ad-hoc basis first. This is important because you never know for sure a company’s capabilities unless you have experienced it yourself. Every courier company will say that they are the best in Singapore, but whether they truly need it is another issue altogether.

3) Third of all, you should check with them if they have special pricing for regular customers such as yourself. This is usually available. Most courier services are cheaper and lower prices are provided by courier companies for businesses which delivery documents or parcels in high volumes. Such cheaper pricing provided by a reliable Singapore courier company will provide much more help to your business than it seems like it will.

4) Finally, it is important to make sure that the Singapore courier company understands the importance of efficiency and reliability. Not every courier company puts emphasis on this but this is extremely important. Make sure that the courier company has this before you decide to work with them.

Challenges that I faced in the logistics industry

I would like this blog to be a place where I can rant about stuffs while providing constructive insights for the readers. As with all industries, there lie their own problems. It will be good to see no issues arise for the day, but that’s not common. Issues and challenges arise almost everyday, be it in minor operation issues, or major operation hiccups, or change in the business environment for the company. Managers have got to adapt and rise up to the challenges, providing value for the company and the customers.

Here are some of the challenges that I have faced in the logistics industry for the past 12 years:

1. Unpredictable customer actions. During the pre sales phase, there are some customers who will engage our sales staff and inquire a lot about our delivery services and rates, taking up a lot of the sales team’s time. This is okay if they did not reject our services in the end. However, what’s worse is that some customers may confirm the delivery services upfront, and cancel it shortly after. This impose unnecessary strains on our operational staffs trying to update job statuses and plan the delivery routes for the deliverymen. Most courier companies now insist on a non-refundable delivery pricing model to tackle this issue.

2. Sophisticated route planning methodologies. With tens or even hundreds of pick up points, drop off points, and deliverymen, the operational staff got to come up with the most efficient delivery routes to save time and effort for the deliverymen. This can greatly improve the efficiency and enables the deliverymen to go on more rounds and take on more delivery jobs. Intensive training must be given to the operational staffs to equip them with the needed skills and knowledge to perform their roles. This, however, has been replaced by technology lately as we start to rely on software to develop the routes for the deliverymen, to reduce human errors.

3. Rising fuel costs. Logistics companies consume a lot of fuels as deliverymen travel on the roads daily. When fuel cost gets too high, it eats into our profit margin. Fuel cost is something we cannot control, but we however have been experimenting with electric car as an alternate transport medium.

A logistics veteran

Hi everyone, I am Zheng Liang, and I run my own courier company in Singapore called Zheng Liang Courier Pte Ltd. Till date, I have been in the logistics industry for 12 years.

In the beginning, I started out as a operations staff in FedEx. My job scope was to plan and manage the daily delivery routes for the deliverymen. As there will be different clients and hence different pick up points and drop off points daily, the routes taken will be different everyday. Making the routes more efficient will mean more time saved for the deliverymen, resulting in them able to deliver more goods daily. This cost savings justifies my pay.

Next, I got promoted to an operations manager, managing the operations staff, making sure all the routes were planned properly. That had taught me management and leadership skills.

Over the next few couple of years, I rotated around different courier and logistics companies in Singapore, taking up the positions of operations manager, and sales manager before I started my own logistics company. The logistics industry will always be around and is a very important component for all product businesses. I had learnt that the logistics company will be able to provide a much bigger value to their clients as compared to their clients managing the logistics themselves. It is both a profitable and meaningful work.

Interestingly, there are a lot of other logistics companies emerging in the industry too, most notably PCA Masters Singapore. PCA Masters is a local courier company in Singapore, specializing in mainly documents, parcels, and work visa delivery. It is a very specialized logistics work, similar to my business model of specializing in only moving large, bulky items such as furniture and heavy machinery. I believe that the specialized route is the way to go for smaller companies, to better ensure their survival and prosperity.